This has been brought up in many threads, and i am just repeating it here.
Dear algoriddim team, please communicate better with your customers/ userbase.

I know communication is not always easy, but guys many people were/are fed up with how you don’t keep us in the loop.

First of all, follow up! Often there are topics raised and there are initial responses from you guys, but after your standard answers there is little information about what you guys did in response.

It is also understandable that you don’t want to expose company secrets, but since one of your arguments for switching to subscription base was, that you can push updates as soon as they are ready, it wouldn’t hurt you guys to update us what is on your agenda.

Maybe start a info thread with bullet points of what is being tackled atm. That way people know what’s coming (also creating a little marketing buzz) and what is being fixed.

If you lack the resources/manpower to keep the forum up to date, maybe promote some users to moderators, that get inside infos and communicate on your behalf. You could offer a free subscription as a reward. I bet there are some people that would love to (myself included) help you guys.

This is one of the areas algoriddim could utilize to get ahead of the competition and establish the brand in the Dj world on a professional level.

I hope you guys hear us!

Jungs gebt euch mal Mühe …

Best regards Hans

Hi Hans,

Thank you for your post.

We are doing our best in order to keep a steady communication but are always open for feedback.

Please understand that we can not share insights as long as they are not 100 % done. 

Your thoughts on user experts are interesting, I forwarded them internally.

Thank you again,

Lukas E.

Especially for the PC base. I’ve never met such a bad Pc version on any other DJ software :frowning:

I share the same feelings. We write to you trying to help, literally acting as testers, after an initial response it is almost radio silence. We like the software but your follow up on this site is really not brilliant. General management of this site is also not great.
Now that you moved to subscription model, which I support, you can and should seriously make a difference here.