Compact View in djay Pro 2

How do you change to compact view (without artwork) in the Library? With version 1, there is 3 view modes. Large artwork, thumbnails, and list only.

I prefer list only, so it doesn’t eat up screen real estate. Am I missing it? Or is this not carried over to version 2?

I noticed that with fonts at smallest setting,
With or without artwork does not affect those fonts

I also prefer the compact list view (no artwork) so I can see more songs.

In DJ Pro, we could select ‘Compact Grid’ or ‘Regular Grid’ or ‘Collection’.

‘Regular Grid’ showed artwork.

‘Compact Grid’ didn’t show artwork, and reduced the row height, and with that space we could see many more songs in the list views, both in the normal list view and in the expanded list. I always used ‘Compact Grid’ while DJ’ing. This is a very important feature that is currently missing from DJ Pro 2.

Turning off the artwork in DJ Pro 2 doesn’t reduce the row height (unfortunately).

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in djay Pro 2 you can select the Collection or List only view of the library.

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also note that djay Pro 2 comes with a Library Font Size and Row Height Setting

You can right-click the column headers and choose not to show artwork… not sure if that helps you.