Compatibility of libraries/playlists/analysis between Windows and Mac OS

Regarding Djay PRO AI. Just wanted to know if you can analyse all songs on a USB flash drive, setup playlists (including smart playlists) on a Windows computer and then use these analysed files directly on a Mac.
And can you export these histories to the usb drive rather than locally on a laptop.

I am a resident at 2 bars that use djay pro ai on macs, but I have a Windows laptop I need to prepare all week.

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I cant help you with your question but its nice to hear that the 2 bars are using Djay Pro AI,

Based on the demo version on Windows, the library format is totally different than on my macbook pro.

Metadata files seems to have same file format, but it is quite impossible to know where to copy them correctly on the mac book drive.

There is no full library export - import functionality… Or at least I haven’t yet found such topic on manuals or Q&A’s on

Yeah, seems like it can’t be done. After using DJAY Pro AI on Apple it is quite clear they are just wasting a bunch of our and their time with the Windows and Android versions. Quite simply, they suck and there is better out there for FREE. I would be happy if they stopped the major updates of Windows and Android if they just made them good as music preparation devices for their pro software on Mac and IOS. Something I can prep at home on before taking my USB with me to the club like with Rekordbox.

What I’m guessing is that the current AI i.e stem separation is too “tightly” connected to apple ecosystem that it’s at the moment really hard to implement on windows and android.

If the the implementation side of the stems are based on libraries which requires M1 chips to be fully functional or operating system support which is only available on macOS and iOS, that means that android and windows versions have very long list of missing features just because of that.

And developing own solutions to the “gap” is very expensive if you can’t be sure what is coming on next versions of android/windows or what is available on hw side as well.

Apple has just small number of hw architectures and processors compared to what is required to be supported by windows and android ecosystem.

I can tell you that there is a third in my part of the world. Slowly but surely making inroads vs VirtualDJ…

maybe there’s a way in some sort of metadata editor…wouldn’t that be great if it were native to djay?

I think you’re right there as it does seem more suited to IOS products,
Having said that it does work a treat with the iPad and is very portable like that as well…