Compatibility with DDJ-RZX

Hey, Any news on native support for the DDJ-RZX?

Still no news? Has anyone been able to map all the functions of the RZX with Djay?

Hi @iCope,

Thanks for sharing your controller question!

Currently, the DDJ-RZX is not natively supported in any iteration of djay, as you are aware.

We’ve passed your inquiry along to our engineering team for continued review and will update this thread as new information comes in.

Thanks again!

Hello, I also own a DDJ-RZX and after recently discovering DJay Pro would REALLY love to use my RZX to it’s fullest potential with your software! Honestly if you guys got it all perfectly supported I’d drop my Virtual DJ subscription instantly and be 100% on board here.

Thanks for your interest in adding support for this hardware. I have logged this internally with the dev team. Please use the Vote button at the top right of this page so we can gauge user demand for this. Thanks again!

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