Compatible apps to open in

I mix using ipad but want to use my phone to listen , I used deej app and it used soundcloud , all I want to do is listen using a app similar to soundcloud to do this on , any ideas ?

Hi Damien,

Sorry, not sure what you mean. Please kindly explain further what you’re trying to do.

You need apps that support “Open in…” AND djay’s recording format (AIFC). For example, the Dropbox app supports this, so you can upload and save your mixes to Dropbox.

But if you just want to listen to your mix, you can also just listen to them directly in djay.

When I try and “open in” Meta DJ one of the choices I can not find the the recording but the App does open up.

Hi , once I have made a recording and go into it it gives me a option to open in , so I press it to see if I can listen using a app like soundcloud , but it says " no compatible apps found - you don’t have any apps that support opening audio files " , [](


Damien , just plug your iPad into your PC , open iTunes … Select apps > select file sharing > click djay > all your recordings will then be accessible and moveable, uploadable to soundcloud, mixcloud etc etc .

Alternatively the app you need to ‘open files’ would be document2 (or any similar file opening app) app found in App Store you can use this to email the mixes but not to upload to soundcloud.

The first option is your best one as you can then edit your sound files for mistakes etc etc on your computer for a more precise mix. The files recorded are in iTunes music format . So you may wish to change it to mp3, mp4 etc

Numark IDJ pro is so sick for this app .

Omg so much better than sl10s , cdj’s .

Big ups