Compatible with New Denon SC Live 2 & 4

Is Djay compatible with the new Denon SC Live 2 & 4?


Hi @DjDon,

Thank you for your question!

At the moment, we are unable to officially say that djay Pro AI supports the new Denon SC Live 2 & 4 line; however, I will happily keep you updated with any news regarding this!

Could you guys make it compatible? Please

I seem to just buy every piece of gear that Djay Pro iOS doesn’t support.
First the Kontrol Z2, and then the Denon Sc Live 2.

Could you please, please, please implement compatibility for the SC Live series?
If that’s too much to ask, then can we can get an updated version of stems?

Virtual DJ is so lame, and has been since day one, but you know what’s not lame? Their stems

pleeeease make it compatible D:

Nessuno è riuscito a collegare sc live 4 con djay su iPad ?