Comprehensive user-created tutorials for djay pro for iPad and iOS

Hi all. I recently came across a very informative channel that provides a number of step-by-step tutorials for djay pro on iPad .

These tutorials are the most comprehensive that I have ever seen thus far.

I do not know the guy at all however he is really good . Please take a look.
I don’t know if he is even on this forum.

I know the videos, some of it was actually new to me too, but a lot of it wasn’t, and overall I find the guy kind of … weird. But what the heck, watching does not hurt, you do not become dumber thereby. :wink:

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I just thought it would be a good starting point for someone looking for tutorials on djay pro

Thanks for sharing this resource, @Djdash! We always appreciate djay users in the Community sharing their self-made resources with others in the Community. :headphones:

I did just want to make it clear that these tutorials are not made by us at Algoriddim, and so we cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of any information provided in them. If anything comes up that you do have questions about, please reach out to us directly here on the Community Forums, via email, or you can check out our official YouTube channels as well:

Algoriddim Official YouTube Channel

Algoriddim Support YouTube Channel

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Absolutely agree with you. The intention was only to share a channel that I found quite useful with regards to djay pro.

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