configuration question

Where do I find the manual for DJ PRO, I m having a hard time configuring the output device for my decks… this is mainly for home use, my goal was to put 5 songs in each column(deck) but different genre than have it play using AUTO mix, but only 2 of the decks mix, the other do not join… please help

I’m sorry, but there’s no djay Pro manual, yet.
Feel free to leave all of your questions here in our Customer Community or directly contact “”. We’ll answer rapidly.

About the Automix: The Automix always uses two Decks only. There’s no need for it to use more than that, as for all transitions, two Decks are enough.
In order to make the Automix play several track in a row, please use the Queue. Simply drag and drop your tracks here and click on “Start Automix”. djay Pro will do the rest.