Connect and play AKAI APC 40 Mk 2 with DJay app on iPad

It is that simple, how do I connect and play AKAI APC 40 Mk 2 with DJay app on iPad?

In DJay under Settings, MIDI Devices I see “APC40 mkII”, but how do I configure it on the next screen?


Hi there,

This support article should get you started…

Good luck, midi mapping isn’t easy as a beginner sport! :smiley:


Ich habe das Mapping für die APC40 M2 für MAC gemacht!
Kann man auf DJTECHTOOLS runterladen, ist aber nur für das Looper Pack gemappt!


I made the mapping for the APC40 M2 for MAC!
Can be downloaded from DJTECHTOOLS, but is only mapped for the Looper Pack!


Thanks for sharing your mapping update with the thread.

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