Connect Pioneer DDJ-RB to DJay Pro 2 Mac

I can’t seem to get any sound out of my headphones through the controller. It maps the controller straight away but the cue buttons dont work and the headphone master gain gives out a sound that its picking something up but not the song on deck 2. I want to do a mix this weekend so any help would be appreciated. I’m also having to plug my monitors into my laptop to get sound into my speakers, the usb-c doesnt seem to work and the red/white/black cables aren’t doing anything. If someone could give me a set up guide or something I would truly appreciate it. This is the video I have seen regarding set up; but I don’t get that pop up message he doesnt when he plugs it in.

Thanks in advance.

Have you also download the firmware from Pioneer for the DDJ-800 aswell as the drivers?


You may need firmware update also have you been in djay preferences? Output may be set to external or internal