connect with spotify

is it still possible to connect spotify to djay pro?

Hi @lars1,

As you may already know, Spotify is no longer supported in djay. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control, and it impacts other developers with Spotify integrations as well. However, we’ve worked hard to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for djay users.

This is why, in the last months, we’ve integrated new streaming service options in djay: TIDAL, SoundCloud Go+, Beatport, and Beatsource. Now, you have access to millions of songs and remixes directly in the app. In addition, we’ve prepared steps for you to easily transfer playlists and tracks from your Spotify collection to another supported streaming service:

We kindly ask that you please give one or more of these options a try to see if they meet your needs in djay. To make it even easier, we’ve partnered with TIDAL for an exclusive 3-month free trial of their streaming service in djay. Just click on the link above for more details.

For more information about the future of streaming in djay, including some helpful FAQs, please visit our website:

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