Connecting a microphone to Djay Pro when using an iPad and controller

Im using a Kontrol S2 MK3, which has a mic input.

However, I can’t find a way to make this audio input selectable in the settings. Am I missing something? Can someone who is using a controller connected to an iPad let me know if they can use a mic as an input or point me in the right direction.

The controller should have mic input and volume controls

It does, but the signal doesn’t come through and isn’t selectable in the settings. Only the internal iPad mic is.

@Craig_Dean_the_DJ you need to assign the proper channels to the mic in the djay Settings>Audio Device Setup>Microphone. Likely something like Channels 5-6.

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I only can see the iPad internal mic as an option though.

Thanks for the screen shots, they help confirm that the mic channel should be an input.

One more q, are you able to add fx on your mic input on tge reload mixon 8?

@Craig_Dean_the_DJ you’re welcome.

  1. Can you please share a screen shot of your audio settings?
  2. Is the rest of the audio setup working properly (sound coming out of the Kontrol S2 main audio and the headphone output)?
  3. With the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro, the Mic audio is actually routed through Deck 3 or 4 on the hardware. So, yes you can apply FX to the Mic. This is not how most hardware is setup though.

I’ve found the issue and a solution!

The Kontrol S2 mk3 has 2 usb ports. One usb A and one usb B marked “iPad”

Both work with DJay Pro, but the mic input only shows up in the settings when using the usb A port.

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Perfect. Glad you figured it out.

Plot twist. (And good info for anyone using the Kontrol S2mk3. Depending which port you use, you can either use the mic, or charge your iPad, but not both.

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@Craig_Dean_the_DJ in this case, I recommend you use a powered USB-C hub (or official Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter if your iPad isn’t USB-C). You can connect your iPad charger to the hub or camera adapter to charge the iPad while still connecting to the S2 port that works with the mic.

Thanks. I bit the bullet and got a stand/hub off Amazon.

I was hoping to take advantage of the ports already on the unit, but this is much better, and takes care of the charging/mic choice.


@Craig_Dean_the_DJ perfect. You’re welcome.

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