Connecting headphones for pre-cueing with pioneer DDJ-SB2 (proDJ)

So I was using my proDJ software (mac) with the pioneer ddj-sb2 cdj set, and at first I had no issue using my headphones through the mixboard port for pre-cueing, but then after restarting the app one time it stopped working. Everything else on the mixboard works fine, its just that no audio was going to my headphones for pre-cueing. Its not a problem with the board because using headphones for pre-cueing worked with my friends computer / headphones on a different software.

Is there some setting I might have mixed up somewhere?


I noticed that if you make your soundboard device your output in your computers OS preferences then if you were to hit f10 (mute) on your keyboard that device would get muted in DJay. This happened to me once. It took me a bit to figure out why DJay was muted.

Behringer XENYX 302

Hey there,

thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear about your issue.

Can you check if the Device settings are set up properly?
Are you accepting the midi mapping dialog window when you connect your controller to the Mac?
Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Daniel Conder,

which Soundbar are you working with?

Lukas E.