Connecting Issues, Numark NS6

Hi I’m new to DJay Pro. Having trouble getting it to recognize my Numark NS6 controller from a MacBook Air. I have downloaded the latest Mac driver from Numark.

Hi there

Thought I would reach out as no one with an NS6 has replied yet.

Is it working with Serato? That “was” officially supported by Numark. So if it’s not working with Serato then use a midi utility app to check it’s communicating through the Mac driver to the controller. If it’s working with Serato you should have no problem with Djay.
I know it’s not compatible with Big Sur & that a lot of people downgraded from Catalina back to Mojave just to get their NS6 to work again.
I have an NS6ii which is quite different, being that it is class compliment and doesn’t require a driver for Mac, so I can’t help there.

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