Connecting to my powered monitors

Hi guys,

I’m new to alogoriddim products and Djay. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to get up and running. I just have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer. :slight_smile:

I have 2 yahama powered monitors that I’d like to use with my iPad. The input on these monitors are either XLR or 1/4 inch jacks…

I already have a foscusrite scarlett audio interface that I can use so my question is, how do I go about setting this up??
Am I right in saying the iPad would be the only device connected in this instance? My macbook pro won’t be connect as well as the iPad- right?? :confused: (Is this even possible?)

I’m rather confused about this so if you could advise brief steps and what cables/connections are needed, that would be greatly appreciated!!!