Connecting to Tidal on Mac and iPad


I have just subscribed to Tidal so I can use this with DJay Pro AI. I logged into Tidal through DJay pro on the mac and all works perfectly, however when I log in to Tidal and try to play songs from Tidal on the DJay Pro app on my iPad I get a generic message telling me I need a Tidal subscription … Am I missing something here?

I thought the one Tidal subscription would work regardless of which device I am using DJ Pro on. Surely I don’t need to have two Tidal accounts, one for Mac and one for the iPad??

Any help gratefully received.

You need to enable and log into Tidal on your iPad. From the Library view select the Source drop down on the top left. If you don’t see Tidal in here already then you need to select Edit at the top right of this menu. In this menu turn on Tidal with the slider. Finally you need to log into Tidal. Then you should be good to go!


Thanks for the speedy response. However all that is correct on my iPad but still I can’t play any tracks from Tidal and I get the message.


What ‘might’ be the issue is that I previously used Tidal with DJPro using a different set of Tidal login details (account no longer in existence). Perhaps these login details are getting things mixed up when logging in with new details?

Hmmm… that’s weird. Have you tried any other streaming services via the iPad? I’m pretty sure Beatport and SoundCloud have free trials. If those don’t work then at least you’d know it’s isolated to Tidal.

Spotify of course used to work across the then Mac version of DJPro and all mobile devices. I haven’t tried others since that went west! I will follow your suggestion and check them out.


did you try to log off both devices then logon only on the iPad ?
if this is not working you should open a case to Algoriddim though iPad support menu.

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@RobsterUK perhaps you are logged into Tidal on too many devices at once:,How%20Many%20Devices%20Can%20I%20Use%20Simultaneously%3F,devices%20in%20offline%20mode%20simultaneously.

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I did wonder about that but as I have only just signed up today then I don’t think it can be that. I did, however logout of the mac DJPro app and still had same issue on iPad.

There must be a reason - other that operator error :slight_smile:

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Are you still logged into the application while still trying to connect on the iPad?

Hi @RobsterUK,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Just to chime in here, your TIDAL account should work across djay on your Mac and iOS devices without issue, as long as it’s an active subscription.

Please double-check that the login email/password you are using is the current active TIDAL subscription you have. Are you able to log in to the TIDAL app outside of djay and have full streaming access outside of djay on your iPad?

If so, then please log out of TIDAL in djay on your iPad (go to Settings > Library to do so), then log in again in djay’s music library. If you get an error message still, could you please share a screenshot of the exact message you’re getting?

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Sorry for taking so long to reply. The lurgy finally got me.

I deleted my apps and reinstalled everything and now all working

Thanks for everybody’s help.

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Thanks for following up, @RobsterUK! Glad to hear things are working properly again. I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now. Feel free to reach out if you run into any further problems.

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