Connecting with tidal

Hi everybody!!

I have just recently buy DJay Pro from microsoft store.
I have a tidal account and i have migrated my playlist from spotify.

Eveything ok buy is for me impossible to connect from library settings to tidal. The “log out” buttom is disable and cant pulse it.
¿Can you help me?
Thank yoy very much

Hi @luisllano,

Sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered with TIDAL in djay. Did you already log in to TIDAL in djay Pro for Windows for the first time? You should be able to do so when you first go to the TIDAL music library source in djay. Is it that you’re logged in with the wrong TIDAL account, and so you need to logout?

If possible, please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the app so we can take a closer look. Thanks!