Constant freezing and deleting of my library for no reason!

OK, I am rapidly losing my patience with DJ Pro on my Macbook Pro.

Over the last few months or so, DJ Pro has been freezing when I try to open it. After several attempts and force closures, it finally opens (after what is prob a ten plus minutes wait on top of the already wasted time) but I lose practically everything added. The last time I tried to sort it all, I deleted it and reinstalled and it took forever to add music folders in small groups because adding them all at the same time put them in a weird order that was not alphabetical (I has Aspergers, and things not being in order makes working impossible).

I was finally able to get it work and everything back in and I open it today and everything between E and Z had been somehow removed or forgotten, so I had to enter it all again.

Please can someone tell me there is a fix or some sort or something that can stop this from happening? I am very close to just giving up and moving to another program if this can not be fixed.

Nice that this still hasn’t had a reply yet. Great work guys, way to keep customer’s happy.

I am emailing it all across now, thank you for your reply.

Hi Andrew,

I am very sorry for the belated response.

Could you send us an exemplary video of you open djay Pro on your device and send us the video via

Please also tell us which exact djay version and operating system version you are using.