Control djay 2 with MIDI Musical Keyboard thru Alesis iodock

Natively djay 2 has to have asigned MIDI commands to its functions (if not, none controller could plays the app) , where can i find this list of CC# and FA FC controls, in order to control djay 2 using my programable MIDI musical keyboard thru alesis iodock MIDI in port?

In other words, i can modify the musical keyboard for play specific notes CC# or FA, FB, FC… but i must know what CC# comands are asigned to each function in djay2, please does it map exist? Where to find it, buy it?

Hello Mr. Lukas E. Why do you do not answer my question in the terms that is exposed, instead to try to sell djay pro? I undestand its your business, but this is not a store, this is a forum. MR. lukas E. Where can i find the midi chart of djay 2 to know which MIDI comands control is routed to any item function in djay 2, please? I do not want change the original values of djay 2 nor pro, i want to know the midi map and adapt my keyboard to djay 2, not adapt djay pro to a controller, again please, please.

Hi Romer,

Thank you for getting in touch.

You can modify any midi controller which is supported by your system with our latest version of djay for iOS in the midi learn settings in the djay settings.


Lukas E.

Hi Romer de Caracas.

Midi learn on iOS is unfortunately only possible with djay for iOS. djay 2 can not work with not natively supported Midi devices.

I am sorry for that.