Control FX DRY and WET knob for Reloop Beatmix.


I run djay for mac with my Reloop Beatmix. It works good to me. However,I don"t think I am able to control DRY and WET knob of FX. Could you tell me how to control DRY and WET knob for my Beatmix?

Hi Junichi,

The Beatmix does not have a designated Wet/Dry knob but you can remap one of the other knobs. Open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to map your controller.

Rotate the knob you wish to remap, then select e.g. Turntable 1 > FX 1 Wet/Dry.

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the reply. I just remaped as you told me. It works awesome. Actually,the mapping proved to be easier than I had expected.

Thank you again for helping me.

By the way,it would be great if you could improve bigger and colourful waveforms like a djay2.