Controller for djay pro. Pioneer flx4?


I am interested in purchasing a controller. I am a beginner, curious all my life but beginner in this djing thing, which for me is a hobby and a little more maybe, but I do not intend to make this my profession.

Reading and reading I have come to the conclusion that the Pioneer flx4 is a good entry option with a view to learn even go a little further.

What do you think? Any other recommendation?

I have also seen The Next Beat a TĂŻesto

I accept suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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@tatu the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 would indeed be a good beginner option to use with djay Pro AI. The Reloop controllers also integrate extremely well with djay. I can personally recommend the Reloop Ready. Not only is it very portable, but it also has most of the functions you would find on larger Pro gear so room for you to learn. In addition to that Numark and Hercules offer beginner options that are natively supported. Here’s a list of all supported hardware for djay Pro AI on MacOS:


I have that controller and am very happy with it. Small size and almost no compromises, full recommendation for that price. Things that I’m missing are better FX selection and more sound output options.

Only alternative that I would see is a used Reloop Mixon 4 which you might get for a comparable price.

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To get a Mixon 4 for a similar price, you have to be lucky, even used. Normally, they cost significantly more.

The Flx4 is certainly not a bad controller and is also recommended again and again as a device for beginners. I’ve had it myself and before that also the DDJ-400, and that is much more than a controller only for beginners, if you want it. Still though, also because of a personal experience, I think the Flx4 is overrated, as is Pioneer as standard DJ equipment in general.
I think there are alternatives you should look at that offer more and cost less. Some have already been mentioned here, I would like to add the Hercules Inpulse 500. It is similarly compact, but has more ports and also an aux input for external devices, but especially colored performance pads. Especially in the White Edition makes that visually a lot. So if you are not necessarily committed to Pioneer, you should look around a bit.


Thanks everyone, I think I will go for flx4 when the time comes. I just have a doubt, according to the official website of Pioneer, it seems that this controller is not compatible with djay pro for Max/PC, and I would use it on a MacBook Pro, this is true or is it a mistake on the Pioneer website?

Again, thanks to all for the comments.

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@tatu you’re welcome. According to the Algoriddim website the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 is compatible with djay Pro AI on MacOS, iOS and Android (see below). Unfortunately, I don’t have a MacBook or FLX4 to confirm this myself though.

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Pioneer does not advertise another manufacturer’s product on of course, but it still works. :wink:

Just tried it out with mine at home (I usually use my iPad, so I wasn’t 100% sure): It does work immediately with no problems on my Mac.


Hey @djjoejoe , does the smart fader work like it should or is it just an added echo and not the full feature?

Smart Fader seems to do nothing :person_shrugging: The fader is working as usual, though.

In the current implementation, the Smart Fader does not work the way it does with Rekordbox.

Bummer! I was hoping it was going to work. Thanks for the heads up @djjoejoe @Chris_R

I would like to think that it won’t take long to implement that feature in djay pro, otherwise we would be “limiting” the use of the controller and that almost makes you think about using Rekordbox if you want to get the most out of it.

This would lead to a dilemma, use this controller, that if at some point you have to make a professional leap is already designed with a configuration similar to what you would find in a professional booth, or look for a controller 100% integrated with djay, none of the options convince me hahahahaha

That’s why I hope they manage sooner rather than later to perfectly integrate flx4 with djay pro.

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I don’t think it will ever be integrated that way, but I also think it’s not as easy as some people imagine. There are other things that even after years still do not work as known from other Pioneer devices, for example, the change of loops with the jog wheels.
So if you explicitly value these features, Rekordbox is the better choice. Djay Pro offers advantages in other places, so you have to weigh.
If the step to professional equipment follows someday, you will notice that something like Smart Fader doesn’t exist there either by the way … :wink: Apart from that, you can also work professionally with the Flx4 or any other entry level controller if you want to. It’s clear that you won’t be taken seriously at first, but in the end it’s the result that counts. And expensive equipment alone does not make a good DJ.

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That’s it @Chris_R, it’s not in my plans to become a professional in this, it’s a hobby and well, some gig in a small room, but for me it’s a fun hobby and I’ve always wanted to delve into, I like this world and when I get into something I like to have balanced software and hardware without losing the focus of the use that I’m really going to give it.

That’s why sometimes I weigh reloop, inpulse 500 or The Next Beat by Tiesto.

Which I think are the best alternatives next to flx4 for my level and use. Flx4 really appeals to me because it’s from Pioneer, which gives me confidence.

It’s hard to decide for an undecided :slight_smile: … and an ignorant person hahahahaha

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