Controller Mapping help needed.


i have a question for a custom mapping on my Pioneer DDJ RR. I cant wait for an update of algoriddim with DDJ RR support, thats why I try to map the controller by myself. Most things are working as expected and the Midi setup is really straight fwd thanks to the intuititve midi learn functionality, but on two things I am struggling.

  1. I try to map the jogwheels for as expected, but the behavior of the decks is wrong. The track continues to play while scratching. it doesnt really stop, when my finger is on the jog wheels and I don ́t move them. really unnatural scratching feel. normally, as long as I touch the jogwheel, the deck shouldn ́t play. In this way scratching correctly is possible only, when the deck is not playing. I think, I have to setup one more mapping, but I cant figured it out.

  2. I need visual feedback for my controllers. the buttons should lit up, if they are active. I can ́t see, what button is pressed at the moment.

Last question. Is there a way to export a controller mapping?

How to setup this?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Lars Kwiatkowski,

thank you very much for your post.

Regarding your midi mapping of the DDJ RR and your two issues,

  1. It would be great if you can send us the exact midi command you mapped to your Jogwheels, a screenshot of the advanced section would be very helpful.

  2. You can add visual feedback to your buttons via the Midi Out setting, please see the mapping of a Play Button i attached as a screenshot, the value represents a range of different colours the button can show.

Please contact us right away if you have another question regarding the mapping of the DDJ RR.

Cheers,Lukas E.