Controller not responding to Mac

Sorry for the ignorance. I’m brand new.
Running Monterey OS on my Mac with Serato Pro and Numark Pro FX- no driver required.
Software runs fine. I plug the controller in and get a reading for just a couple of seconds and then I lose audio.
The controller is still drawing power but I can’t control anything and still no audio.

Anyone with any experience with a Mac and how to fix this?

Have you done this?

What I usually do if I have connection problems

  • fully restart mac
  • connect controller
  • turn power on controller
  • verify using above doc that my mac has found/see the controller (i.e with the midimonitor app)

If ok => only then I launch my dj app

Yes. The best I can tell it’s some sort of issue with Monterey but I haven’t been able to figure it out