Controller not working/iOS 17.3.1/DJay Pro 5.1.3

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  • Device model: 2023 iPad Pro 12.9 inch
  • Version of operating system: 17.3.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer DDJ-SX2

I’m about to lose my mind, this controller works with anything that I plug it into except lately the DDJ-SX2 and Djay Pro aren’t playing well together.

I connect everything in the correct order that Algoriddim says to do, my powered usb hub is working fine (checked it on my other ipads & my my PC), the usb cable is fine (still have this issue even when changing cables)

I missed 2 gigs last weekend bc of this.

Hi @tony_foo_yong,

  1. It’s pretty hard to troubleshoot your issue without clearly understanding what it actually is.
  2. Can you please explain what is not working?
  3. Is djay not recognizing the controller?
  4. Is it not powering on?
  5. Is it powering on normally, but no sound output?
  6. Is djay crashing or something?
  7. The more specific details you can provide the better I can help you.
  8. Are you saying that the controller works with your other iPads running djay?
  9. Are you saying the controller works with other DJ software on your PC or with the Windows version of djay on your PC?
  10. Also looking back on some of your previous topics, it looks like you’ve been doing some custom MIDI mapping. Have you tried reverting to the built-in MIDI mapping?
  11. Are you using the power adapter that came with the SX2 or are you trying to run this off of USB bus power?
  12. Have you performed a Forced Restart on your iPad recently (Force restart iPad - Apple Support)