Controller Shift Key - Setting, Usage

Especially in connection with modifiers, the reference to the midi setting “Controller Shift Key” was mentioned here a few times. So far, however, I could not understand what exactly and in which way it can be useful if you define another “Controller Shift Key” on your controller. Maybe someone can explain me there again :wink:

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for your interest in djay Pro AI for iOS! One use for this is to add additional options for controlling the software using your controller. If your controller supports it, you can add an extra layer of SHIFT commands to control other software features by holding down the SHIFT button while adding the commands in the MIDI Configuration editor in djay.

For more information, please visit our FAQ:

So far I understand that, but you can do that anyway by pressing the shift button on the controller together with the desired control element, which you want to assign additionally. But why is there the explicit function “Controller Shift Key” in the midi options?

My guess is so you could map a different controller key/button to work as the shift key as well as the shift key itself. This effectively giving you two shift keys.
If you had a key combination that involved pressing the shift key and another button but the keys were far apart making it difficult to press the combination or a two handed job, you could potentially add another shift key to the controller to make the shift button more accessible.
That’s my best guess anyway.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what doesn’t work, at least not for me. If I simply assign another key with this function on my controller and use it accordingly, it simply has no effect.

I’ll have a play with it on my controller tonight and report back if it works or not. :+1:t2:

Hey @Chris_R,

I can confirm what @sooteee said above for how the “Controller Shift Key” function can work, with mapping this to another button on the controller indeed being a use case for this. Since you said it’s not working for you, could you please share more information so that I can best assist you with this?

  1. What controller are you working with?
  2. What controller button did you map using this MIDI function and if possible, could you share a screenshot of the mapping in djay’s MIDI editor?
  3. What is your primary goal for using this function? Or in other words, what would you like to achieve with this when DJing?

Thanks in advance!


I’ll try to answer the questions:

  1. Hercules Inpulse 500
  2. assistant button, because I have no other use for it
  3. I don’t know exactly what I want to achieve, because I just don’t see the point of using this feature when there is already one or more Shift buttons on the controller anyway. For example, a useful function for me would be the following:
  • Filter controller without Shift = Filter
  • Filter knob with Shift = FX Dry/Wet
  • Press and hold FX 1 = Activate FX 1 and activate Shift at the same time, so that the Filter knob then automatically controls FX 1 Wet/Dry as soon as an FX is activated without any further keystrokes.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works. But I also believe that this has to do with the basic assignment. While the normal shift keys can be assigned to the “Deck” area, you can only apply “Controller Shift Key” to the “General” area. And “General” has no influence on “Deck”.

I’ve shared your use case with our Technical Team to take a closer look into if something like this is possible. Please allow us some time to look into this, and I’ll get back to you. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Thank you! But just to add to that, I’m not about being able to do something like that necessarily, but that would just be something where I can imagine using the midi function “Controller Shift Key”. Otherwise I don’t see the point of this function if there are already one or more shift keys on the controller anyway. But maybe this is also meant for controllers that don’t have a shift key.

so we need modifier i think! :innocent:

Thanks for the additional information, and I see where you’re coming from. I’ve heard back from our technical team in the meantime, and they’ve shared a bit more information about this.

Some controllers don’t change their signals when pressing shift. Without the “Shift” midi mapping, they wouldn’t be able to change the action of the button. For the Inpulse 500, the shift action may not make a lot of sense. But for some controllers it does.

In addition, they’ve share that they tried the following mappings with the Inpulse 500, and it did work as expected:

  • Filter controller without Shift = Filter
  • Filter knob with Shift = FX Dry/Wet

Could you tell me if these are working properly? And perhaps it was just the third point that you hoped would work as well:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile: Yes, the filter knob works as described. And indeed it was the last point that would have interested me, so that you can additionally “simulate” the shift key automatically with pressure of another key.

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