Convert cues beatgrids & more from Serato to djay and Rekordbox

Its really simple, tho might include some work
You’ll need the Traktor SSL Database Importer by Native Instruments. This is kind of an old gem and the installer can give you some troubles (it tells you that you need at least on MacOS 10.4 while you are actually at 10.11)

Luckily for use someone made a zip file out of it that can be dropped in you Application folder, bypassing the installer.
download it at…

I advise to convert crate by crate and make sure you have backups I’ve played with it a bit and did not encounter any problems.

Then you’ll download the Traktor Pro demo at…

The demo will be active for 30 minutes then you need to quit & reopen it, but its more then enough time to use it for what this procedure needs it for.

Drag & drop the track files that were processed by the Traktor SSL Database Importer into the Traktor demo.

Check if you cues, loops and beatgrids are the way you want them to be.

From this point on you can follow the procedure as shown in video