Cooperation with a cloud provider

What do you think about cooperating with a cloud provider to offer registered users the possibility to store their music online and integrate this provider directly into DJay Pro AI as a source?

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Yes google drive would be cool for me.

I wouldn’t really care which provider, the point is to get a lower price for the storage within the framework of such a cooperation than would normally be the case.
You can already store your music in Google Drive, but you have to pay the regular fee for it.

Google Drive or Dropbox would be nice. I use iCloud Drive to store all my music, but I always have to copy the folders to the “On my iPhone” section, instead of just downloading them in place on iCloud drive, since it will try to offload them again to save space. It’d be nice if downloading these files by clicking the cloud icon in DJay (which is possible right now) could make them stay on my phone until I delete them.