Cost for Djay Pro AI?

I have a current Djay Pro 2 product, downloaded via the app store and have recently downloaded Djay Pro AI (LOVE IT). Did my license transfer over or will there be an additional cost?

As of today, there is no indication of a further cost and the website and/or the app store mention nothing about an additional cost. PLEASE make this more clear for existing customers, who purchased their product via the app store.


Thank you for getting in touch. Our newly created djay Pro AI is a subscription with monthly or yearly pricing, as shown in the app for all three platforms (Mac, iPad, iPhone).

Also note that as djay Pro 2 for Mac user you receive our legacy update for free, which you can find further information on in our FAQ.

It says nothing about what the legacy update is or if it costs money. It only says that you get this "a free selection of essential features unlocked on djay Pro AI for Mac. "

I have an event tomorrow and if I need to pay for this, I will. If it has a time limit or stops on me, that would be TERRIBLE!


If you previously purchased djay Pro 2 on the Mac App Store you’re eligible for a number of features to be unlocked for free permanently in djay Pro AI.

You can find further information on the features and if you are eligible for the legacy unlock via our FAQ:

If there are any issues with the unlocking process please let me know.

People are asking if the upgrade is free. That’s all.

I also purchased Djay Pro 2 for Mac which costs $49.99 (one time purchase in June '20).
In addition, I purchased Neural Mix Pro “Full Unlock” for $49.99 (one time purchase in August '20).

Today, I received a notification of a free upgrade to AI. When I tried to use its NeuralMix features, I received a pop-up stating that I must pay another $49.99/year or $6.99/month. And this is an annual subscription and not a one time purchase.

After reviewing the FAQ’s, I discovered that the “free” upgrade gives you AI with a subset of features enabled. Plus, if I never owned Pro 2 and download AI, I think I get the same features.

You have to pay $49.99/year subscription to unlock ALL features. It also isn’t truly an upgrade, because I have both Pro 2 and AI apps on my Mac.

Essentially, if you want Djay Pro AI with all of its features, you have to outright subscribe to it for $49/year. Previously purchasing Djay Pro 2 and Neural Mix Pro does not make a difference. And that’s a big shame.

The list of features for the free upgrade:

The list of all features available: