Could not load track: "no such file or directory"

Help!!! on both versions of Djay, songs that are on in my itunes library on my iPad for some reason do not exist any more. not good and need advice in order to reedy this problem fast.

Hi Roland,

Are you using iTunes Match?

If yes, please try the following:

  • open the Music app and delete the song by swiping your finger on the song and hitting “Delete”
  • re-download the song by tapping on the cloud icon next to it
  • try to play the song again in djay

I recently encountered the same problem, all of a sudden (also in djay1, though there less tracks seem to have disapperead in djay 1). I don’t understand the iTunes match solution. I put tracks on my ipad, partly using iTunes, but also copying from plain directories on my desk top. It all worked perfectly, but no longer now … What’s the (real) solution??? Also: when I try to open iPads directory it no longer responds immediately, I have to tick the button over and again. Finally, sometimes Djay’s screen freezes, also the decks, though the music continues to play.

I meant when I try to open DJay’s directory (in the above message)

Its nice they dont reply.