Could not load track - OSStatus error 1685348671

Hi guys,

I have a problem with VJay for iPad.

Before the last VJay update there was no problem loading and playing my own created video’s. I used to use this video all the time without any problem.
But since the latest update I can’t use this video anymore.

This is a video, made in After Effects with H264 codec as a .mov file. After that I converted it for iPad with “handbreak” to an iPad .m4v file. As I told before, before the update it played very well without any problems but after the update, this video won’t play and if I load this video, the following error will be showed in VJay: “Could not load track - OSStatus error 1685348671”

For your information: this file playes in iTunes, it playes with the video player on the iPad, there is nothing wrong with the file. Other files, made exactly in the same way, do play in VJay but they are shorter.

The file has a during of 1:53:00 minutes, almost 2 hours.

Things I did before I started this topic:
* Removed the video from the ipad and resynced the video from my iTunes to my iPad.
* Removed the VJay app from my iPad and reinstalled it from the app store.
* Reconverted the video file, copied it to iTunes and resynced it with my iPad.

Nothing works…

I hope you guys have an answer for my problem…

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Hi Jerome,

Thanks for contacting us.

If possible, can you please send me the video file for testing? (-> support(at)

Hmm, interesting.

In iTunes, please ctrl-click on the video, select “Get Info” and go to “Options”. What’s selected as “Media Kind”?

Hi Warren,

This video I’m talking about is more than 3,5gb. I can’t use wetransfer for that because it’s to big.
I just found out that, if I upload this video to dropbox and export the video from dropbox to the iPad and after that play the exact same video in vjay, the problem is solved…
I think that is VEEEERY weird…