Could not load track: Session does not have streaming privileges”).

I receive this message when using Tidal playlists on djay. I have to reload many times before finally loading. I use two ipads with a HiFi Premium subscription and use the Tidal playlist on both ipads. Please advise.

Do you have separate tidal subscription?

Tidal is picky if you use same account with several devices.
It’s by design that you can only stream with one application at certain point of time.

I.e if you login to tidal with phone, it’s connecting your phone as the primary streaming client.
If you now login with another device like tablet to same account, tidal thinks that you want switch over to that another device. So Tidal will switch the primary streaming device from phone to the tablet.

So there will be race condition and both devices might be locked out from Tidal resulting “no streaming privileges” on both devices. And this is Tidal design.

If you want to use several devices, you need to have different tidal subscriptions.


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