Could someone tell us how to buy Djay Pro 2?


We are having trouble buying Djay Pro 2

We bought Djay Pro 2 from the Apple store and they charged us EUR 54.99 but did not send us a link to the program or a serial number.

Apple support does not answer and here at neither.

Is it normal to have so much difficulty to buy this software?

Could someone tell us how to get our Djay Pro 2 serial number? we already payed 54.99 and no answer from

Please any help will be very wellcome.

Kind regards


When you purchase a license for an app on the Mac App Store, you will need to download the app from there. There are no license keys or app packages involved… the system works the same as with iOS/Android, where the purchase and license is tied to the Apple ID that paid. If you launch the App Store, and go to the account profile at the bottom left of the window, you’ll see all your purchases, and can download from there.

Still waiting a solution here, now is in Paypal hands, it looks like Apple Store is no working well with Paypal.
Thanks for your help,

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