Could use some help with transition from VirtualDJ

I am testing out Djay - coming from VirtualDJ that i have used for over a decade. Can folks give be some advice on these areas:

  1. It seems like while I can add folders, I can’t add my entire music library - I have to click folder by folder. How can I add and browse my entire local music library from one view.
  2. I can search my local library, including subfolders, but it only gives me limited results with limited information. I only get 5 listings, even when I know there is more. Sometimes I forget a track name, but remember the artist and vice versa, how can I see all the results and the BPM of the songs?
  3. How does AI automix work? Isn’t it supposed to give me music recommendations? It does not seem like it scanned my library.
  4. Can you edit tags on music files?

Any other tips folks that used Virtual DJ can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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