Count not load track error on sootify

I’m getting the could not load track error on my iPad. Was working fine yesterday.
Logged out and back into Spotify and same problem…
Spotify works fine on its own via their app.

“Djay kind of pro” just so long as you don’t want to play on a FRIDAY NIGHT

I can load certain songs and some other I can’t. So maybe soon we are up and running again. I’m a little shaky, started a gig right now, can be a total failure. And only have old songs on mp3.

Same here… track could not load

the spotify service is up an running based on the official report from spotify…but still we dont have the service a available.

You probably correct and thats why the algoriddim should contact spotify and allow the connections again. The Denial of service stopped 6 hours ago.

Hi guys,

A large scale hacker attack made servers from various companies including Spotify, Twitter, New York Times, and many others unavailable for many users around the world this weekend. You can read more about it here:

Unfortunately this included Spotify servers used by djay to load songs from the Spotify library, which is why you received the error. From what I read the attack is now under control and the sites available again, so you should no longer receive the error in djay.

If you are still facing errors pleas let us know asap.

Lukas E.

The problem is with Spotify, not Algoriddim

Big ddos attacks today. Spotify hit hard.

I think because of the ddos attack they have blocked server requests to Spotify.
Because the call from djay is coming from with an app not the Spotify system it is being blocked.

same problem!!! need help

lol can’t believe they charge 50 bucks for this bullshit

Do you think it will straighten itself out?

I’m a DJ and have had this problem now for the last two Fridays. Not good!!!