crackling bass on numark idj pro and idjay 2 for ipad

I’ve just bought and set up a numark idj pro, I’ve connected my ipad retina with a genuine apple lightning to 30-pin adapter cable. I’m running ios 8. When I switched it on it updated the firmware.

The problem I have is a bass crackling in my speakers and headphones that’s very noticeable, what do I need to do to fix this please?

Hi Bebbo,

Thanks for contacting us.

Does this happen with all your songs? Also, please tap the gear icon, go to Advanced and make sure that “Audio Limiter” is turned on.

Awesome, glad to hear that!

This happens to mine to, it has to do with the order in which you turn everything on. I usually make sure that the app is fully closed and then plug in the iPad, turn on the idj pro and then launch the app, if I don’t do it in this order, I get that crackling too

My heart sank when I saw that I already had the audio limiter on. So I tried the classic turn it off then back on again and it’s worked a treat cheers 