Crash attempting to add Related Tracks

DJ Pro 5.1.6 on Mac M1 (Native)

Attempting to drag a selection of tracks into the Related Tracks panel crashes on most occasions. On the infrequent occasion it doesn’t, only some of the tracks are linked together (e.g. the track I dropped onto might have 5 related tracks listed, but looking at the related tracks for any of those doesn’t show the original).

Example crash:

Thanks for the video @Rob_Grimes. This is very helpful. Can you please confirm the source of these tracks and the file types?

Hi Slak_Jaw, they are locally stored flac files.

Thanks for that @Rob_Grimes

Hi @Rob_Grimes, the engineering team would like to look at your crash reports. Can you please submit an official support ticket through djay Settings>Contact Support? Thanks!

Hi, I don’t see any Contact Support option in the settings dialog? Is this different to submitting a request through Submit a request – Algoriddim Support?

Hi @Rob_Grimes, within djay on macOS, navigate to djay Pro>Provide djay Pro Feedback.

That menu option brings me to a general feedback page with no option to attach crash dumps etc. I just used the Submit a request page instead.

Perfect. Thanks @Rob_Grimes. I mainly use iPad so the support request is a bit different than on macOS.