Crash,crash and crash!

My djay pro crash all the time! I sand the report! The volume of ma mac is not working when djay is running, When i do a research…I get a crash! When djay running, my anothers apps are not working (ex. Safari, finder…etc.)I got this: L’opération n’a pas pu s’achever. (NSURLErrorDomain erreur -1003).

thx, having some problems with djay pro for windows will add this to my list of things to try

I have been using this at weddings every week since the first beta came out… MONTHS AGO and not a single crash.

So Paul, to say it’s JUNK, you are CRAZY! When you say “to save money”, that says a TON.

This program keeps going from bad to worse… NOT for a Professional at all - unreliable - junk

I use it in the mot simple way or it crashes… they ported the iApp version to save money… I hope everyone goes to Tractor, Serato or a Pro DJ app… DJ Pro for Mc is junk

4 hr set last night, using spotify and hdd on a wedding, 2010 macbook. 8gb. No crashes, no hickups, no dropouts. This program is awsome.

1 hour before start i used auto play, from a spotify playlist. Also worked great.

Mc6000 mk1 as controller.

I have the spotify app also installed on the mac. No problems.

We aren’t aware of this problem, yet. We’ll have a look into it though. Please always sent over the automatically generated Crash Reports after the crashes, so that we have as much information about the Crash as possible.

I have the same probleme on my Imac(OS X 10.9.5) and my Macbook pro (OS X 10.10.5) with djay pro 1.2.
Is it possible to get help?

I think I found the problem…it’s the app of spotify! Since I uninstall spotify (apps) on my mac everything works!
Is There someone who can confirm ? I try on two mac , and it works!

First time using, with a brand new Wego-3 controller, and it crashed 2 times. Luckily I had my old Hercules controller with Virtual DJ hooked up, and after the 3rd crash, I went back to that. Spent about $300 on controller and program, and was very disappointing. It really is not ready for prime time.