Crash Djay pro

Is it normal that Djay pro crashes, because i was with my friends enyoying the new app djay pro and suddenly after about 2 hours the djay pro app crashes and the music stopped. Eveyone else on this forum has the same problems, or is it just bad luck?

The crash report would have been sent to the company to see what the problem is.

@Gunter: Can you please update to djay Pro 1.1.1 and see it crashes again?

That is assuming you were online when it happened. I was offline, and using the hard drive when mine crashed last evening while doing a gig. I have the old Djay program on my old Apple computer and it works great. I just purchased a new Apple Macbook Pro and bought the Djay Pro. Between stuttering and now crashes… I’m regretting purchasing it, with no remorse on getting my money back.

I just buy djay pro last week and i Have the same problem how can i fix iT?