Crash on dragging track into Deck while performing live

I had a major crash at a party last saturday.
This is what happened

  1. I was playing tracks at a party
  2. I got a request
  3. Searched for song in the search field
  4. Dragged resulting track into deck 4
  5. Djay Pro crashed
    (This was the only time that ii loaded a song wiith dragging, in stead of pressing the load button on my controller.)

But i must say, the recovery for this was like a formula 1 pit stop. I think i restarted Djay Pro, loaded a track and press play all in under 6 seconds. So here the native code of Djay Pro really shines.
So well before people were able to leave the dancefloor i had it up and running again.

I will try to find in my history if i can find / remember if perhaps it had something to do with the file.

mac mini m2, macOS Ventura, Djay Pro 5.1.6

Hi @jefuqs, thanks for the details. The engineering team would like to take a closer look at your crash report. Can you please submit an official support request below and attach your crash report? Thanks!

ok will make that happen

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Thanks @jefuqs, I have asked the support team to keep an eye out for it.