Crash on Launch Djay 5.0.1

Hello everybody,

I can’t launch the new Djay 5.1 on my laptop.
Big crash since the Update.
I’m using DJay Pro AI on a Macbook Air 13 " M1
Mac Os BigSur 11.7.10

« impossible to launch the app, error 11 «

The update works on my iPhone but not on my Macbook.

@Kanuna thanks for letting us know. Please confirm you are running the latest macOS version 5.0.1. Can you please share a screen shot of the error message so I can send it to the engineering team?

I try ti run the latest masOS version 5.0.1

Thanks @Kanuna! This is very helpful.

The good thing is that I’m not the only one to have that problem.

Hello, do you have any news ?
It still doesn’t work.

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Hi @Kanuna, the team has received your ticket and is working on the problem. They believe this issue is related to macOS 11. Their recommendation in the meantime is to update your OS to the latest macOS12 version. Please try that and report back here. Thanks!

Thank you for the answer.

So Macos12 is Monterey ?

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Yes !! Finally it works.

Thank you so much

You’re welcome @Kanuna, glad that worked!

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