Crash pressing Settings -> general/advanced/MIDI ... with Numark IDJ Pro

There is a problem using djay 2.1 with Numark iDJ Pro…
Going to the settings and pressing general or advanced or MIDI, the app always CRASHES.
Update please.

i have a party next weekend …I need this problem correct until that, because i buy your sw and use as professional use… i lost my confidence in your company…please do anything quickly…the libray becomes horintal every time too.
idpro djay2 and ios 7 and ipad 3 64gb

i need this until next friday…URGENNTTTTT!!!

Thanks for reporting. This will be fixed with the next update.

We really apologize for the inconvenience. As already mentioned, this will be fixed with the next update, which should be available soon.

We just released an update v. 2.1.1 fixing this issue. Please download the update via App Store -> Updates.

Updated through Itunes works lovely now can go through all settings with IDJ PRO connected , Great Fix Guys

ok thanks, now answer to my other post, please!

ETA on this fix?

Soon could be next month in the software world…