Crash using effects

Using controller unmarked mix deck quad many crashes when selecting effects

This is a known issue with the Mixdeck Quad and happens whenever you select an effect which name is longer than 12 characters. This will be fixed with an update.

In the meantime, please avoid using the following effects when the Quad is connected:

  • Stutter Delay
  • Space Flanger
  • Filter Machine
  • Trippple Trap

There’s no schedule per se. We just release an update when ready.

Hi Everyone,

We just released an update djay 2.6 for iPad and iPhone containing many improvements including a fix for this problem.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this feature and the update in general.

When connected to numark mix deck quad toggle effects crashes every time. This is useless, have to restart controller to get sound back on. No use as a dj tool as it is!

Consistently crashes every time try to use effects

Thanks for response how often are updates available ?

Still no update for this issue. I really want to use my controller Numark mixdeck quad