crashes and error starting audio engine


I appreciate that you support Spotify integration but its worthless if your application is full of errors and crashes randomly.

I thought it might be due to the demo version but it’s the same with the paid plan.

This are the errors:

  1. Immediate crash after changing audio output.
    I had to remove the device from device manager.

  2. Crash on startup when it recognizes a new possible output. No need to press yes/no it is already dead.

  3. Error starting Audio Engine. Had a lucky day and djay pro accepted your audio output? Good luck trying to use Spotify integration, only local songs work. (Spotify is the only advantage of this app)

  4. Random crashes during a mix.

All of these occur randomly. I have no idea when and when not.

My specs: Latest Windows Pro, latest djay pro Windows paid version, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB RAM, RTX 2060 Super.

I have the same issue on my laptop. Restart does not help.
All other details should be in this demonstration video:

At least give me back my money if you cant get the most basic functions to work.