Crashes on startup every single time

The title says it all. I paid for the djay 2 version and the only thing that hapoens is I see the djay logo at startup for about 5 seconds before the app closes down. Of all the apps I’ve had installed onmy phone this is the dirst one that doesn’t work at all. This is an Android phone. Please fix this. From what I see many people are reporting the app crashing.

Okay, sorry to hear that. Now move onto something that works because fixes take a VERY long time… perhaps YEARS!

Hi Sasha Marusic,

thank you for your feedback and we are sorry that you have to experience this.

The problem is we can not guarantee a flawless djay version for Android with every single Android device due to the range of different sub operating systems. We can guarantee a flawless running version with vanilla android devices like the Google Nexus series. 

Could you tell us which device you are using?

Lukas E.


and thx for the reply. I am using Huawei Honor 7. I really wish for the app to work as I am pretty much using Spotify and yours are the only app that is integrated with Spotify.

Also, why do you not have that information available for people to see? Regarding Vanilla…it’s not fair having to pay knowing full well that your app has issues.

Well that is some major Bull****…yall just stealing money in that case. Cant even do anything for thd Galaxy series.