Crashes when switching between Spotify and My Music using "browse" dial on controller.

Software crashed several times on me during recent event. I found the bug that needs to be fixed. I’m using DDJ-WEGO4. It happens in songs selection.

Here’s the scenario that crashes it every time in both Djay2 and Pro. You’re in the Spotify library and need to switch to My Music for the next song. You click the Choose Library icon to open the list. Then, you use the “browse” dial on the controller to try and switch to the My Music library. Boom . . . instant shut down of the app every time.

I did it about 4 times the other day at an event even though I knew what the bug was. Why? When you’re working fast to switch between playlists and libraries, using the “browse” dial becomes intuitive and you use it without thinking to scroll between menus. So, in a clutch situation when I need to move fast, I intuitively use the dial to try and switch between “Spotify” and “My Music” in the “Choose Library” menu. Then . . . . silence. Ugh!!!

Please fix! I can’t risk that happening again at another wedding. Embarrassing and frustrating.