Crashing bug: Loss of internet with cloud sources causes crash

This past weekend I suffered several crashes when the internet became unstable at the club (normally it is fast and reliable).

Using iPad Pro iOS 15.1 + Rane One

These crashes are related to songs from BeatSource/BeatPort that can’t be loaded (even if they are in the offline locker).

Note that this seems to only occur when you have an intermittent internet connection. Turning WiFi off doesn’t crash and generally displays the message “Device is offline”.

My library is primarily from iTunes (Music), but I also use songs from BeatSource/BeatPort which are stored in the Offline Locker. I combine different sources into playlists.

However, if there are internet problems, DJay Pro will crash when using the DJay Library:

  1. DJay Library Smart Playlist causes immediate crash when clicked on

  2. Using Filters on a playlist with external sources causes immediate crash

  3. Using Search causes immediate crash

  4. When re-launching DJay Pro, BeatSource/BeatPro offline locker songs are not available (Could not load track, operation could not be completed, OSStatus Error 2003334207).

Restricting my use to only the iTunes Library is the only way to prevent DJay Pro from crashing under intermittent internet conditions.

Cloud Sources:


Hi @ncianca,

Thanks for reporting this to us. We are sorry to hear about your experience the past weekend.

We’d like to get to the bottom of this. Could you please go on your iPad and open djay > go to Settings and write us an email by going to “Contact Support”? This will tell us your user ID and will allow us to track this down.

If it’s OK with you we can continue the conversation via email.

Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers, G

Some additional information regarding crashing when using a smart playlist on iOS.

I have been able to duplicate the Smart Playlist crashing bug and it appears that it is because of missing tracks from the source.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Convert a Spotify playlist to BeatSource using TuneMyMusic
  2. Some tracks that are not available on BeatSource still get added to the BeatSource playlist
  3. Select BeatSource Playlist, Add to a DJ Library Playlist
  4. Analyze Tracks in selected playlist
  5. Notice that some Tracks have a greyed out text/icon. Sometimes there is key/BPM information which seems to indicate the Tracks where Analyzed (or it is using track analysis for tracks already in the library from another source (e.g. iTunes).
  6. Select a greyed out track and load it on a deck.
  7. “Track Not Available – This track cannot be played because it is not available” message is shown.
  8. Create a Smart playlist
  9. Edit Smart Playlist and add a filter, e.g. Artist, with the Artist name for the track that produced the “Track Not Available” notification.
  10. DJay will crash

Quick solution – Add a preference to Libraries to hide/remove all unavailable tracks from the DJ Library.

Note that this happens with all unplayable tracks regardless of the source.

  1. Add Tracks from iTunes to DJ Library Playlist
  2. Analyze tracks
  3. Delete Track in iTunes
  4. Deleted track still shows up in DJ Library Playlist
  5. Select the deleted track in DJ Library Playlist, “Track Not Available” message appears.
  6. Add Smart Playlist as in steps 8-10 above.

Any update on when the crashing bug with iOS filters may be addressed.

Further testing shows that the problem happens only when adding a filter for the Artist.

I can also confirm that the problem exists on OSX as well. I put a copy of my iOS djayMediaLibrary on the Mac, create a Smart Playlist and add a filter for Artist and Djay Pro crashes on OSX.

Hi @ncianca,

Could you please write us to We’d like to get to the bottom of this but require some more information from your devices. It would be great if you could send us your Mac and iOS crash reports. I’ve sent you an email containing the steps to get these.

Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers, G

any update on this? this happens more often then none.

@Esau_Galindo please contact us via the “Contact Support” button in the djay settings panel so our support team receives all the necessary information for looking into the issue you are experiencing.

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