"Crate" Functionality / Deck Options


Does the software version compatible with Numark iDJ Pro hardware controller have the “Crate” functionality like the Numark iDJ2 controller deck? If not, are there any plans to incorporate that functionality into the DJ app with or without the Numark iDJ Pro controller? I use the “crate” functionality extensively on gigs with the iDJ2 deck and is a must for me.

Also, Are there any plans for an option for each deck to have it’s own way of handling tracks? Meaning, Deck A can be setup to load the next track whether done manually or by Automix (You must press play to start) and Deck B could be setup to load tracks continuously w/o stopping and the need to press play.


Hi William,

Not exactly, but you can use the “Automix Queue” for this. Tap the Automix button to access the Queue and then click on “+” to add songs.

You can then load songs manually from the queue by tapping on it.

i own also the numark iDJ2 and the CRATE function is really a practical thing where you “on the fly” preselect a set of files to your crate.

ok, the workaround looks fine but a defined CRATE would be more practibale.