Create a "Continuous play" fonction ?

Could you please just include a new feature in your already great app :
A button or a way to choose between ‘single play’ (playing only one song at the time on each deck as it does now), and ‘continuous play’ permitting to play album, a playlist or a compilation on the same deck, without going thru all the automix staff, simply just as it exists on every CD deck ?

My problem is just that as a bar owner I don’t always have the time to mix… the procedure I have to thru to play a playlist with “autotune” still taking quite a few clic to be ready to rock (far to many from my point of view…) I find myself obliged to go back to stupid “Itunes” !!!..

I have talked about this problem with two of my friends who like me have restaurants and bars, on quiter nights, when we don’t have a Dj, we all have ipad and use them to play music, but as it is this difficulty to play complilations easlly on DJAY is realy a pity…

One more thing, I’m sure that if we think about this, we are not the only ones, and I’m sure that you would gain quite a lot of new sales if we were using your app all the time : every time people see it on our ipad, they want to get it… instead of that, most of the time, bloody itunes is on…

Are you planning to include this new feature ? It would be just great if you could do that ! thanks for your amswer.

You might be better off making a playlist on iTunes of the tracks you want and using the music app to play it in a loop?

Yes, and that’s what we’re doing… but still, it means that we have to swich from the music app to Djay every time we want to mix for a while, and swich again from Djay to the music app when we want to play playlists without going thru all the ‘automix’ process…

I understand that Djay has been created for DJs, and I guess ‘good DJs’ shouldn’t play playlists… but still, realy, I don’t get the idea why it seems to be so difficult (or impossible ?..) to add a new ‘continuous play’ feature to Djay…

Is there a reason ?
Thanks for your answer,