Create a more 'intelligent' automix

So I have been playing with an app on the iPad called Pacemaker. I can’t really recommend it, as it doesn’t come even remotely close to djay. But it does have a few automix (features that I find really, really useful and which work fairly well too. I’d love to see some of these brought in to djay.

  1. The automix (they call it autopilot) works really, really well. As in, it will perform mixes that are slow fades when the two tracks call for it, or alternately (and with no user input at all), just drop a beat in the perfect place. I’ve heard it wait for vocals on one to end and then immediately and very smoothly bring up the next track. It doesn’t seem linear and isn’t always the same mix. Killer. Really, really nice, especially when paired with Spotify.

  2. The interface for upcoming tracks in autopilot is superb. It shows graphically what’s coming, allows easy, natural interactions like removing or reordering tracks, and clearly shows the upcoming waveforms, etc. It’s super-simple, but that’s because this is intended to be an automated mode. There’d be nothing wrong about creating a simplified interface in djay like that. I’d welcome it, in fact, when I sometimes hand djay to someone else and they look at me all funny for how complex and unintuitive can be.


Any progress on this?

Thank you for this post!
We’ll keep on improving our Automix feature!

Automix definitely needs some improvements.