Create a playlist on Djay2 for Android.

How do you create a playlist on Djay2 for Android?

Now its oct 2019 and the problem is still not resolved. Please, algoriddim - make playlists readable!

Hi Frankie,

Unfortunately, there is no way to create a playlist within djay2. You can create a playlist in your Google Play Music app or in Spotify and it will be displayed in your djay2 library.

thanks for the reply

Google Play is on (nearly) every Android device, that is the reason why djay is communicating with the application.

Regarding the in app playlist creation/editing, i forwarded this as a customer request.

Thank you for your feedback.

Lukas E.

Hey Jacob, 

answered your thread.

Cheers,Lukas E.

That’s sad to hear for those who imported all of their music in a folder on Android, and use a better player than Google’s Music (Player Pro in this case).

TLDR: i want to specify what music is and isn’t available to djay2 - how?

how can i get playlists into djay?

i’ve tried putting m3us in the music folder, creating them on phone with ‘music’ app (i run cyanogen so it’s not ‘google music’) but no joy…

what is it that google music does to make djay see them?

and why on earth can’t we make playlists/crates/sub libraries in djay? it seems like a fundamental function that must be fairly trivial to implement?

i don’t have Google Play Music, how else can i create a playlist that DJAY2 can access? why can’t i define what music is in my DJAY library?

is this some kind of elaborate joke?

How can I create a playlist on my computer that I can then display under playlist on DJay? For example, oldies, EDM, ballads?

My Google play music playlist not work it say track can not play now please help me out playlist light up dark it mean u can play the track on djay2 .


I am just absolutely baffled by this myself. Half of the world is on Android and yet this can’t be resolved. I’ve created playlists in Google Play and it requires me to click on each song to add it to the playlist- ONE - SONG - AT - A - TIME. You can’t create it on the PC and just have it sync over. NO, that would be too much to ask. It’s just another way to force everyone to buy Apple. 

Infelizmente o djay pro não reconhece as listas de reprodução no Androis, só funciona perfeitamente nós dispositivos da Apple.

Without being able to create folders and playlists of music, this is really tuff to use.  I keep coming back looking, hoping someone has a solution. It’s great on an iPad… I lost mine and went for a cheap Android and that was a mistake.